Achieve better separations than ever before. The Vanquish platform improves specs on all fronts. Better thermostatting, optimized volumes, improved linearity, more sensitivity and binary or quaternary solvent mixing for your critical separations.

Better separations


Regain time during your projects. The Vanquish platform improves analysis speed, increases sample capacity and has improved robustness. There is no need to fear the deadline. Instead, rely on the Vanquish platform to take it head on.

More results


Minimize training efforts. The Vanquish platform is intuitive to operate, and has an optimized design, automated features and operational simplicity of Chromeleon CDS. This makes the Vanquish platform a joy to work with.

Easier interaction

Drive the separation

All LC separations depend on the pump. For driving the separation you need a pump that offers power and consistency.

Learn how the Vanquish pumps maintain stable flow and gradient delivery, while offering unique capabilities to ensure you get results fast.

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Drive the separation

The Vanquish pump offers more pressure capabilities than ever before, without any tradeoff on durability and robustness. From ultra-fast to extremely shallow gradients at pressures up to 1500 bar, the industry-leading fourth generation SmartFlow™ pumping technology of the Vanquish pump provides you with unmatched retention time reproducibility and lowest baseline noise for highest detection sensitivity.

Vanquish Flex Pump

The biocompatible Vanquish Flex pump extends the capabilities of the Vanquish platform by adding all the flexibility you can expect from state of the art quaternary solvent blending. Our SmartFlow™ pumping technology with automatic compensation for changing eluent compressibility ensures excellent flow and gradient precision, independent of eluent composition and backpressures up to 1000 bar. This gives you unrivaled retention time precision and highest data confidence, even for ternary and quaternary gradients, and for more freedom in method development and application switching.

Introduce the sample

Before every analysis, you prepare your samples and standards, and carefully design your experiment. Make sure all your hard work pays off.

Learn how the Vanquish system preserves the quality of your preparation, regardless of the number of samples.

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Introduce the sample

UHPLC dramatically increases throughput of LC workflows. The Vanquish system combines maximum injection precision and fully biocompatible fluidics optimized for the highest ruggedness and uptime even under the toughest system pressure and eluent conditions. Using the Charger module extends the sample capacity with 20 additional well plates to ensure your system keeps collecting data without running out of sample.

Control the separation

The column is the heart of any chromatographic separation. For maximum efficiency, you must shield it from environmental influences.

Learn how the Vanquish system takes thermostatting and temperature control to the next level.

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Control the separation

Temperature rules retention, selectivity and efficiency in chromatography. The Vanquish system paves the way to maximum efficiency and resolution by providing exceptional temperature control.

Hosting the LC column means much more than simply "hold and heat." Pressure and viscosity lead to frictional heat in the column, which can interfere with the chromatography if not dissipated adequately. The Vanquish column compartment offers two heating modes and hybrid versions to match all your application needs.

Detect the analyte

Detection is the final step in your experiment, but not the end of the analysis. Ensure you collect the most information possible from your separation.

Learn how the Vanquish system detectors can help to unveil the full picture of your sample.

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Detect the analyte

The LightPipe™ technology in the Vanquish detector provides you with an unmatched detection experience. This detector achieves the best signal-to-noise performance through the combination of the lowest baseline noise, a very long light path, and minimum peak dispersion. The ultra-wide dynamic range supports the challenging simultaneous detection of highly concentrated main compounds and impurities down to trace levels.

Detect the analyte - with charged aerosol detection

Utilize the increased separation speed and resolution of the Vanquish UHPLC system with the Vanquish Charged Aerosol Detector to detect and quantify virtually any substance with its near-universal detection capabilities.

The Vanquish Charged Aerosol Detector opens new opportunities for discovery and routine analysis. One can measure any nonvolatile and most semivolatile analytes with sub-nanogram sensitivity along with estimating relative amounts without chemically identical standards.

Fluorescence detection

The Vanquish Fluorescence detector has been designed to give you answers, when you need more than just absorption detection. Monitor up to four excitation/emission wavelength pairs simultaneously in multichannel operation mode or scan your chromatogram for the best emission/excitation wavelengths. Improve detection sensitivity and selectivity by ultrafast wavelength switching between peaks. Dedicated features on stray light suppression and temperature controlled flow cells will ensure you get the best data quality when using the fluorescence detection with your Vanquish or Vanquish Flex system.



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